Vitraži, Tiffany lampe, Restauracije vitraža

Painted stained glass Church interior "Dr. Batthyany Laszlo"
Tiffany lamps Tiffany lamp is a synonym for luxury, supreme elegance, therefore reveals exquisite taste of sophistication and sense of beauty.
Stained glass dome Private villa - Beograd, Serbia
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Welcome to the webpage of M&K Tiffany 

Only imagination can set boundaries - this can be said about our works presented here, our stained glass products. Of all our works, we have chosen some to give you a clearer insight. With what is demonstarted here, we would like to engage your interest and fantasy, in order to make your interior more beautiful and unique.

What we offer you:

We are focused on meeting our investors' requests and deadlines. At your request, we come to you for a better insight into the interior where you work or live, which you would like to make more beautiful and refined. After that we approach the making of a design solution and synchronize the wide range of coulours, which you have selected, in the glass structure, in order to get that unique piece in YOUR HOME, WORKPLACE.

Certificate "Otvorena šaka" ("Open hand ") - the artistic craft product

Ministry of Finance and Economy - Republic of Serbia issued a Certificate to SZR M&K Tiffany and SZR M&K Vitraži which states that the handmade objects made by “tiffany” and “lead technique” and stained glass, hand painted, can be considered products of artistic craft and can carry a special label "artistic craft product", as well as the stylized "open hand" mark.


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